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Updates on Silvia, Costa, Billy and Marco

Switzerland – Updates on Silvia, Costa, Billy and Marco
from informa-azione

22/03/2011 – Costa, Silvia and Billy have been prisoners in prisons in Switzerland for eleven months, in February investigations were closed. After their arrest, the prosecutor in Turin opened an investigation for 270bis and 280bis [‘crimes‘ of association] (as they cannot be tried twice for the same offence charges have been formulated that were not disputed in the proceedings in Switzerland) and requested and were granted access to information gathered by the Swiss authorities to launch a collaborative investigation. So now there is an exchange of information between the Swiss Federal Prosecutor and Turin. In fact at the last interrogation the Digos [Italian political police] and prosecutor of Turin were present. Costa, Billy and Mark have been transferred repeatedly and have been informed that they will be moved frequently, an obvious attempt to retaliate against them. To isolation, blocking the mail, are added sudden transfers with everything that leads to: difficulties in building links with other prisoners, waiting to get one’s possessions in the cells they are sent to, one of many ways to bend and curb the ability of prisoners to maintain their active participation in the struggle. The walls of a prison, the bars on the windows, isolation, blocking the mail, do not serve to quell, to crush the desire for freedom of those who are locked up and, their head stubbornly held high, continue to struggle. And we with them. For a world without exploitation, against industrial technological civilization, for a wild and free existence.