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Juan Carlos Rico Rodriguez: In Solidarity with Marco Camenisch

From Hommodolars Contrainformación (September 16, 2010):

Marco Camenisch has spent almost twenty years in prison. Like thousands of prisoners locked up in dozens of States, Marco should be on the streets. If he’s not, it’s because the Swiss State (just like any other State) systematically violates the “laws” it has made regarding the “fulfillment of sentences.” In practical terms, this means that once the threshold of the prison grounds is crossed, “laws” are only that—long-winded manuscripts whose real function is to facilitate State Crime and institutionalized murder, under the cover of “morals” and a certain “legal” legitimacy. Unfortunately, this is an indisputable reality that can be verified by the many prisoners with decades of captivity behind us who are—lucky?—to (still) be “alive.”

The only “Universal Law” that governs prison life is the social and physical death of prisoners.

With this short reflection, I simply want to highlight that by not eating on September 18 and 19 I will be joining the international days of action for the liberation of Marco Camenisch, which I extend to all the imprisoned comrades who are paying with their lives for taking a stand and struggling against a global socioeconomic-“cultural” System that has only brought about inequality, pain, and death for millions of human beings, as well as the gradual destruction of the planet we inhabit.


Fire to the System!

—Juan Carlos Rico Rodriguez, Valdemoro Prison Slaughterhouse (Block 4)

Communique from Silvia Guerini concerning the hunger strike and its extension for Marco Camenisch

Communique from Silvia Guerini concerning the hunger strike and its extension for Marco Camenisch
translated from informa-azione

Collective hunger strike with Billy, Costa and Marco 10-29 September 2010
I am undertaking this collective hunger strike along with comrades Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa, Marco Camenisch. For a period of 20 days. The contents of this strike are expressed and outlined in full in our collective statement.
This initiative represents an important and necessary continuity of the struggle, to continue the path taken in spite of these walls and these bars that hold us prisoner, and as continuity in the green anarchist affinity that unites us… read on

wallpaper in solidarity (Hamburg/Germany)


The 19th september a wallpaper in solidarity with Billy, Silvia, Constantino and Marco was put on a wall in the inner city of Hamburg(Germany)
„We send strengh and Love to the comrades behind the walls and to all rebels fighting for the liberation of humans, animals and the earth!“

Anarchist from Hamburg
19th september

Eco-anarchist prisoners Marco Camenisch, Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini started an hunger strike the past 10th September.


We – Billy, Costa, Silvia and Marco – eco-anarchist and revolutionary individuals hostages of the Swiss state have decided to start a hunger strike from 10th September 2010. Because of our situation and the delay in communicating with each other (which for 3 of us means we can’t communicate with each other at all because we’re under preventative arrest), the arrangements and organisation of this initiative are very difficult and most probably you will only be able to have more detailed news, confirmations, and individual declarations only later on during the month.

As revolutionary anarchist individuals this is what we want to affirm strongly:

Solidarity and international participation – from the inside and beyond each individual’s political inclination – with all revolutionary initiatives and struggles, outside and inside, against repression, prison, isolation, torture… For the liberation of all those who are hostages of the revolutionary war against the system; for the liberation of every individual; for the destruction of every prison, fence and society that needs destroying. This includes our total support and solidarity with the recent liberation campaigns for long-term revolutionary prisoners.

This strike is a continuation of our struggles together with all those who have never wanted to passively endure this war and the brutal social, economic, political and environmental crisis of the system. It’s a continuation of all those strong affinities and relationships as “green/anti-civilisation” anarchist individuals that connect us since many years. Against every state, priest and master; against every prison and repression; against the exploitation of humankind, animals and the environment.

The coalition – among us and with other individuals – in a radical war against all old and new toxicity and destruction and the system that produces them and makes them necessary. We mean this present system of techno-scientific production, industrial, capitalistic, monopolistic and imperialist consumerism practiced by corporations and their States. Despite the fact that, with their typical arrogance and deceit, the masters and their arselickers try to paint these things as humanitarian, necessary and sustainable practices – we’re talking about scientists, the media, politicians, cops, priest and all those organisations paid by and/or allies in the masters’ “democratic dialogue” who support, for example, bio-tech and GMO’s, “alternative energies”, and even nuclear energy! Despite the fact that this imperialist, warmongering and terrorist system of masters, institutions and accomplices defines as “vandals”, “terrorists”, “eco-terrorists”, and so on, us and anyone who dissents, resists and struggles for a society of free, autonomous individuals, without slavery, oppression, exploitation and destruction!

Our radical critique and struggle against the roots of the present system – the destructive expression of a millennial anthropocentric civilisation based on technological and industrial dominion (production-consumption), patriarchal domestication, social control and classism, massification and incarceration of our cities, exploitation, organised violence and war of man against man, man against woman, man against other species, against nature, and the rest of the universe.

Last, but certainly not least: This initiative is also a contribution in solidarity and greeting to all of you revolutionary individuals of every inclination that – as individuals or in groups – support us with your true and free revolutionary love, with your initiatives, with your resistance and revolutionary offensive in open daylight or open nightlight, by any means necessary, against every expression of the Monster State and Capital.

Together we’re strong, solidarity is our best weapon!