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Call For An International Solidarity Campaign For Marco Camenisch

Marco Camenisch, known for his active role in the anti-nuclear movement during the seventies, has been a political prisoner for almost 20 years. As a militant green anarchist he has been taking part in struggles, campaigns and protests in and outside prison during all these years. He is currently detained in the penitentiary Pöschwies/Regensdorf near Zurich.

In two years comes the case of his conditional release that should basically be granted since in the Swiss prison system, conditional release is the rule. However Marco’s situation is a particular one. All special privileges and preparatory measures for release are refused. The medical treatment he needs because of his cancerous disease continues to be insufficient. The furlough usually granted is refused on the grounds that he does not renounce his political convictions and has to many friends all over the world who might help him escape. Yet having good social contacts is a criterion for conditional release – one out of many criteria, which Marco would fulfil.

The juridical authorities give the strong impression that conditional release is only granted for broken and/or conformist prisoners. This tendency can be observed with nearly all political prisoners in metropolises. Prisoners defending their political identity are buried alive in prison although they have served their sentence already – with the intention to weaken them and the progressive movements they come from and to keep up the fear of prison as a weapon of those in power. Some examples among many are the situation of Leonard Peltier in the USA, the one of the prisoners from Action Directe in France or of the Basque prisoners in the Spanish state.

Together with the International Red Aid, we therefore call for an international solidarity campaign for Marco Camenisch coordinating with struggles for the release of long-standing prisoners in other countries. Meanwhile we do not want to lose the prospect of a society without prisons. That is why we set the start of the campaign for June 19, which is the international day of action for antagonist prisoners and against prisons.

Sign the call of the International Red Aid, spread this information via your websites and other channels. Join the campaign adding your own focal points. Take part in the international day of action on September 18 2010.

Solidarity is a weapon!

Friends and supporters of Marco Camenisch

June 2010

Write to Marco (remember to put sender’s address):
Marco Camenisch
Postfach 3143
Ch-8105 Regensdorf

Support him:
Account no. 87-112365-3 (PAN-IG, ch-8005 Zürich)


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: Demonstration in Solidarity with Hunger Strike

A noise demonstration took place outside of the Hamilton-Wentworth
Detention Centre (Barton Jail) in downtown Hamilton, Ontario on July 19th
2010. Around 25 people marched around the prison, chanting slogans (the
passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons; no prisons, no borders,
fuck law and order; they might take our lives away but not our dignity,
our hearts will pound against their walls until we all are free; smash the
borders, fuck the state, all these walls are going to break; no justice,
no peace, fuck the police; etc), shooting off fireworks, and making

This demonstration was held to continue creating a visible presence and
tension against prisons and the world that needs them, as well as to take
direct action in solidarity with the insurgent spirit: with everyone who
chooses the dignity of struggle above the servility of obedience.
[Down with the servility of servility!]

The 19th of July marked the beginning of a hunger strike in Saint Paul’s
Hospital (the infirmary ward of Korydallos prison near Athens, Greece).
Below is a translation of a communication about this hunger strike.
Solidarity with prisoners in revolt, inside and outside the jails of this

“On Monday, July 19th, prisoners will start refusing food with a demand to
address and solve the problem of prolonged detention of people with
chronic and incurable diseases, who (due to their state of health) should
have their sentences reduced.

The human ‚‘dump“, as the prisoners of this institution call it
themselves, is simply tragic, as we have also heard from comrade Simos
Seisidis presently being held there. People with disabilities, strokes,
and fatal diseases are thrown into this vile, dirty environment full of

The Secretary for prison policy visited some time ago, and stated that a
legislative bill would resolve the matter in February or March. Naturally,
he was telling lies.

The prisoners themselves, in their statement to the Minister and the media

‘Powerless to react differently, and anyway lacking our health, we are
offering what is left of our lives to sacrifice them to your inhuman
indifference, not because we hope you will change, but because we refuse
to live like beasts, like waste from a system and society without
humanity, ethics, or honour.

So, from Monday, July 19th, all those who are able to will abstain from
food and all medication and treatment, as a last sign of dignity and

Our comrade Simos Seisidis will participate in this mobilization.”

Until we are all free!
Destroy all prisons!

- Quoted from Anarchist News

Update Billy, Silvia and Constantino

Costantino Ragusa, Silvia Guerini and Billy (Luca Bernasconi) were arrested in
Switzerland on April 15.
They are accused of planning to attack an IBM nanotechnology/biotechnology research
facility near Zurich.

If you want to write to them please can you send everything directly to the inspector
who’s doing the investigations as (hopefully) much quicker.
Everything gets translated into German and censored – so watch out what you write!


Costantino Ragusa / Silvia Guerini / Luca Bernasconi
Stawa Stadler
Taubennsn 16
Ch- 3003 Berna

Bergamo, Italy – house of a comrade raided in search of weapons and explosives

This is news from Italy related to the arest of Billy,Silvia and Constantino

from informa-azione

01/07/2010 a search for weapons and explosives took place in Bergamo, relying on Article 41. The search was made without a warrant and in the presence of a cameraman of the forensics, who took care to take beautiful footage of the house, and border police with dog. Obviously the outcome of a search of one hour was negative. No one knows the exact reasons for this initiative, but it is probably an Italian extension of the inquest in Switzerland following the arrest two months ago of environmentalist comrades Silvia, Constantino and Billy, accused of carrying explosive materials across the border.
Therefore, I express my solidarity with the repressed Ecologists and all comrades who are suffering the grip of the state, from Toronto to Greece to Mexico, and express with renewed zeal my condemnation of this system, that in these times more than ever is showing its true fascist and racist face.
I also want to bring my solidarity to all those social groups that are living an even more severe form of repression: the denial of diversity as a right to exist, and I condemn every attempt of this government, and global government, to remove those minimum rights acquired by the most defenceless. The news has just come out that benefits are to be stopped for accompanying the mentally handicapped, autistic, Down, delays and persons with psychological disabilities, who will soon be permanently abandoned to themselves and the despair of their families. And I give my solidarity to prisoners in Opera [Milan] who are compelled to pay for fruit and vegetables every week as if they were on holiday.
And women, who besides always having to play the role of mothers and housewives, in order to be exploited equally to men, must reconcile themselves to wearing themselves out in their jobs until death, giving away all their contributions to the state and its mafiosi activities.
Thousands are those that are finding themselves in dire poverty, while our rulers are enjoying themselves and laughing merrily on the backs of the workers, employees, and the whole earth. Against this background, like a rope that is pulling too tight and that I hope will finally break, I relaunch the need for decisive opposition to this system and all the harm that it produces, and to fight relentlessly against this society of bastards who are sucking our whole life!