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Jonatan has been moved

Jonatan has been moved

After two weeks in the isolation unit at Västervik and the prison
administrations‘ decision to upgrade him – for „security reasons“ – to the
status of grade B prisoner, Jonatan has been moved to Hällby.

In Sweden, closed prisons are divided into four categories: A to D – class
A being the harshest ones. Hällby is a class B prison, which means that it
focuses much more on security and control and that the conditions there
are harsher than at a class C prison like Västervik.

The reason for putting Jonatan in solitary confinement and then moving him
to Hällby? At Västervik, Jonatan had been active in the prisoners‘ council
of trust. This along with an uncompromising stance towards the prison
adminstration and articles he had written for the latest issue of the
prisoner paper Kakbladet – some of it describing the conditions at the RO
unit and the chief prison guard – was reason enough to classify him a more
„difficult client“.

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