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update on Jonatans situation

Last Monday he was transferred from RO to a normal unit at V√§stervik. Two days later he was suddenly moved again, this time to an isolation unit – being told they would „investigate“ whether or not he was to be considered a threat to the prison.

In the beginning of this week, he was called to an interrogation where he learnt the reason for the investigation: On new years eve, as you may know, there was quite some turbulence in the RO unit. And after the transfer to the normal unit, prison guards searched Jonatans cell and
found a text in English describing the new years eve events. Another circumstance not in his favour was an article he had written in the latest issue of the prisoner paper Kåkbladet, some of it describing the conditions at the RO unit and the chief prison guard.

They told him this investigation could result in him being held in isolation for quite some time, not being allowed out on leaves of absence or being transferred to another prison and maybe even having to serve all of his prison sentence, instead of being released after 2/3. The parts about having to spend an indefinite time in isolation and being denied leaving prison in June worried him.

Today though, he was informed that he will be upgraded (a more severe status) and eventually transferred to a class B (more secure) prison – until then he will have to stay in isolation. But his release date will remain the same and there is an end in sight to the isolation. He is releaved and in good spirits, estimating that he will be moved within a week.

If you have not heard from him in a while that is because letters seem to have taken a wile to find their way into the hole.

As soon as he is moved to another prison he will communicate the new address to us and we will get in touch with you.

Spread the update to other comrades of Jonatans who you are in contact with.

In solidarity!

solidarity breakfast for Jonatan in Hamburg (Germany)

There‘ll be a solidarity breakfast for Jonatan in Hamburg (Germany). People should bring food to eat together, postcards and other stuff to write and prepare things to send him…
11 am in LIZ (Karolinenstr.) 21th february 2010